Nassau County, Florida welcomes you

Choosing the perfect home is never easy, but when you walk through the door and get that feeling that ‘this is the place’, you know you’ve found it.  The same holds true for your business.  We hope when you visit Nassau County, you will find the perfect place for your company to call home.  

We understand the pace to find your next home can be quick or slow and methodical.  Either way, we’re here to assist you from the property selection process to capitalizing state and local resources to helping you build a stellar workforce. 

Our enthusiasm for Nassau County shows in all we do, especially when it comes to our current employers.  We are committed to the success of Nassau County businesses and we work hard to help them grow, serving as their partner in expansion efforts, workforce development, or any program that can be of benefit to them.

We invite you to Meet Nassau Florida and once you do, we’re sure you’ll want to call Nassau County home.  To arrange your visit, contact us today.  

The NCEDB exists because of the generous support of the Nassau County Board of Commissioners, our local municipalities and economic development partners.
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