The Nassau Industry Network, an initiative of the Nassau County Economic Development Board, functions to create a competitive business environment favorable for growing and thriving manufacturers, and to serve as the voice for our county’s manufacturing sector.
The four pillars of the network are: Promotion, Advocacy, Connecting and Networking.
Promote: Promote and support manufacturers, products and careers in Nassau County, Florida
  • Promotion of our partner organizations through NCEDB news, blog posts, and other avenues
  • Supporting Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) by highlighting products made in Nassau County
  • Participating in local schools’ programs, such as robotics and technology-driven courses
Advocate: Advocate for critical issues impacting the manufacturing sector on both local and state levels
  • Shape the conversation locally of what is important to manufacturing and why
  • Joining efforts with surrounding Regional Manufacturers Associations to influence positive change by having our voices heard in Tallahassee to ensure business relevant policies continue
Connect: Connect manufacturers to resources and opportunities
  • Network with local and new, prospective manufacturers wanting to stay and grow in Nassau County
  • Partner with North East Florida CareerSource, staying current with incentives available to manufacturers
  • Work closely with Manufacturers Association Florida (MAF) and Florida State College Jacksonville (FSCJ) in supporting industry certifications
Educate: Educate manufacturers, their current and incumbent workers as well as the community
  • Support North East Florida’s Americas Promise Grant through FSCJ
  • Support apprenticeship programs with the Nassau Career and Adult Education

 Nassau Industry Network Initiatives:

  • Women in Manufacturing - Supporting Women in Manufacturing can help reduce the manufacturing skills gap. Nassau County Manufacturers agree, in fact several women have been choosing this industry. Here are a few we like to introduce.

The NCEDB exists because of the generous support of the Nassau County Board of Commissioners, our local municipalities and economic development partners.
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